Goal setting

Today I thought I would focus on something positive, both for myself, and for you. Most of you have probably heard of the power of positive thinking, or the law of attraction, which states that your thoughts become your reality. I am not an avid believer in the concept, however I do think that there … Continue reading Goal setting

Things you should never say to someone struggling with an Eating Disorder

This beautiful human has truly captured some of the things that I have experienced throughout recovery. It is so important to remember that an eating disorder is a mental illness. It is not about what size you are, it is about how you feel in your body, and the thoughts that you have. I am so glad that I stumbled across this blog, and I feel inspired to continue with mine.

Café avec Twali

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I wrote about Eating disorders & the signs to know if your loved one is struggling with it. Read the post here :  https://cafeavectwali.wordpress.com/2017/10/16/eating-disorders-in-kenya/

This post will be about what NOT to say to someone who has the illness. I’m sure you have your heart in the right place & you really intend to help but you’d need to be careful what you say that could trigger the person, especially when they decide they need the help to recover.

“Just eat” “Don’t eat” “Eat less”

People suffering from an eating disorder already feel conscious about what they do or do not eat. Commenting that they should just eat a portion or not eat at all does not help, no matter which eating disorder they may have. You cannot tell a person who is overweight & struggling with binge…

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Finding Violet

Over the last few weeks, I have had this sinking feeling, that my life has pulled up to a stop. I feel stagnant, I know where I want to be, and who I want to be, but I am not moving towards this. I have thought long and hard, about what it is that I … Continue reading Finding Violet


Once upon a time, there lived a girl, with sad, big blue eyes. She was afraid of being abandoned, and so, she fed people lies. Stories of her great adventures, her many conquered foes. She longed to be free, and through dishonesty, she could make it so.   At age eighteen, she met a boy, … Continue reading Lies

Withering Away

We are withering away into nothing, you and I. We are arguments, that make me sick, and stinging cuts, that make me cry. We are passion filled nights, teeth in skin,  followed by mornings of regret. We are acidic drinks, and toxic potions, all the nights I'd like to forget. We are skin and bones, … Continue reading Withering Away