Once upon a time, there lived a girl, with sad, big blue eyes.

She was afraid of being abandoned, and so, she fed people lies.

Stories of her great adventures, her many conquered foes.

She longed to be free, and through dishonesty, she could make it so.


At age eighteen, she met a boy, who set her heart on fire.

She then realised rather quickly, that he could never love a liar.

Instead she told him everything, that she had been hiding away.

She gave him transparency, and hoped, he might just choose to stay.


One day her lover left her, alone, lying in the dark.

She thought he had been noble, until he went and broke her heart.

The days became her nights, as she sobbed away the pain.

She was so broken, people wondered, if she might have gone insane.


After months of slow torture, her tears finally ran dry.

She had survived life’s worst infliction, and no longer chose to cry.

Fears turned to dreams, and her demons began to inspire.

She grew into a warrior, so fierce, that it filled others, with a deep desire.






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