Some time in July 2009

Hi there everyone, sorry for my absence over the last 2 weeks, I usually try to post once a week, but I was busy finishing my exams, and packing to move (eeeeeek). I am now sitting in the sun, sipping an iced tea, in the Gold Coast, Australia. This week I thought I would do … Continue reading Some time in July 2009

We were lovers

Are we lovers? Or just two people who used to love? You say you are happy, with your new life of games, but don't you miss it? don't you want it back? We were lovers, just two people drowning in lust. You said you were happy, with our life full of plans, but now you … Continue reading We were lovers

Learning to love yourself

Today I want to talk about, what I believe is the most important step in anyones recovery: Loving yourself. For a long time, I was afraid to think about the mistakes that I have made. Whenever I did, my head would spin, my heart would ache, and often, I would go into a full blown … Continue reading Learning to love yourself

Weight gain in the process of recovery

Welcome back beautiful humans, today I want to talk about something that I am currently experiencing at the moment, and have struggled with repeatedly in the past. For a great deal of people who suffer from an eating disorder, the process of recovery can involve a significant amount of weight gain, this is especially true … Continue reading Weight gain in the process of recovery

False and Pretty faces

I cry, for all that I have lost, in you, as a dear friend. I cry, not because you are gone, but because, you are not the person I loved. Your twisted views, and sickening ideas, fill my heart with regret. Your swift dismissal, and cowardly departure, remind me, who you truly are. Not a … Continue reading False and Pretty faces