We were lovers

Are we lovers? Or just two people who used to love? You say you are happy, with your new life of games, but don't you miss it? don't you want it back? We were lovers, just two people drowning in lust. You said you were happy, with our life full of plans, but now you … Continue reading We were lovers

False and Pretty faces

I cry, for all that I have lost, in you, as a dear friend. I cry, not because you are gone, but because, you are not the person I loved. Your twisted views, and sickening ideas, fill my heart with regret. Your swift dismissal, and cowardly departure, remind me, who you truly are. Not a … Continue reading False and Pretty faces


Once upon a time, there lived a girl, with sad, big blue eyes. She was afraid of being abandoned, and so, she fed people lies. Stories of her great adventures, her many conquered foes. She longed to be free, and through dishonesty, she could make it so.   At age eighteen, she met a boy, … Continue reading Lies

Withering Away

We are withering away into nothing, you and I. We are arguments, that make me sick, and stinging cuts, that make me cry. We are passion filled nights, teeth in skin, ¬†followed by mornings of regret. We are acidic drinks, and toxic potions, all the nights I'd like to forget. We are skin and bones, … Continue reading Withering Away


Who am I? Where am I? Why don't I recognise the face in the face in the mirror? Is it my face? Do I have big blue eyes, and rosy cheeks? Are these my trembling hands, clutching at the edges of the skink? Do I live in this small concrete box by choice? Where am … Continue reading Depersonalization-derealization

Ana Never Rests

The voice hisses like a snake, and tick like a clock. Chasing me, pushing me, run faster Violet! Tick Tock! She sneaks in late at night, and keeps me awake. You are nothing! You are fat, ugly, and out of shape! There is no bargaining with someone so wise. You will do the exercises, or … Continue reading Ana Never Rests